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Directions to the Cincinnati Personal injury Law Office of Anthony D. Castelli

The down town office of the Cincinnati personal injury Law Office is located  is located at 602 Main stree Ste 707 Cincinnati, Ohio 45202 in the Gywnne Building. There is easy access to this historic building.

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You must make an appointment to meet with Anthony Castellli, a Cincinnati injury lawyer for over 35 years. Call 721-3666 or use this contact form for the greater Cincinnati bodily harm law office

law Office Anthony D Castelli More direction from north of Cincinnati and surrounding 1-75 outer belt.

Saturday, October 14, 2017

The Common Thread in Cincinnati Motor Vehicle Collisions By personal Injury Attorney Castelli

The common thread in multiple recent and past auto collisions in Cincinnati , Ohio as well as other states is negligence. Negligence is the failure to use reasonable care.

Ordinary care is that care that a reasonably cautious person would use under the circumstances. In addition, the negligence must be a proximate cause of the injury. In other words, but for the negligent conduct the injury would not have occured. 

As a personal injury lawyer in Cincinnati, Ohio Anthony Castelli of the Law Office of Anthony D. Castellli,  has handled hundreds of auto accident claims involving injuries. The recurring theme is that one or more of the drivers was negligent. The negligence could take many forms such as:

  1. Speeding
  2. Distracted Driving
  3. Following too Close
  4. Failure to Keep an Assured Clear Distance
  5. Heroin usage
  6. Driving under the influence of Alchohol
  7. Failure to Yield the Right of Way
  8. Running a stop Sign
  9. Running a red Light
  10. Turing in front of a motor vehicle
  11. Texting
  12. Talking on the Phone
These seem to be the most common. As proof I offer the most recent examples of car accidents in Cincinnati Ohio. (see links below)

As you can see from all if these auto crashes if negligence were not present the car accident would not have occurrred. 

By Anthony Castelli personal injury attorney in Cincinnati

For Further Reading About Car Accident Injury Prevention:

2017 Deadliest Traffic Year

By Anthony Castelli
Law Office of Anthony D. Castelli
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Directions To the Cincinnati Personal injury Law Office of Anthony D. Castelli

The law office of Anthony Castelli can be reached from interstate I-275 to the montgomery morrow ext #50. If you are coming from the west then  go straight onto Hetz then right on Corporate Park drive to the back left building. 

If you are coming from the east take exit 50 and turn left onto Montgomery Road and right onto Hetz road and right into Corporate Park Drive and go to the last building on the left. 

The law firm is in close proximity to Bethesda North Hospital. From Bethesda North take Montgomery Road north to Hetz road then make a left. Then within 1000 yards turn right onto Corporate Park Drive

Albert Biggers Killed in Cincinnati Car Crash -Critical Legal Issues

Reprint of Article from Cincinnati Law Office of Anthony D. Castelli blog

Albert Biggers was killed in a Cincinnati car crash today May 6, 2017. News reports indicated that he was a passenger in a car driven by Adam Kordes .
Allegations where that Kordes lost control of the vehicle, The car had been traveling west on Montana. It veered into the eastbound lane. It struck the curb, went air born and rolled over.
The vehicle ended up striking an apartment building. It was not stated what actually caused the death in terms of which impact or roll over. 
There were serious allegations made by the Cincinnati police. Speed and "impairment" were cited as factors. Also mention was made that neither man wore a seatbelt.

Criminal and Civil Implications for Car Crash Death

There are significant criminal and civil law implications that arise out of the facts of this crash.

In a criminal arena it is likely that Adam Kordes will be prosecuted for one of several crimes. They range from aggravated vehicular homicide, vehicular homicide and manslaughter.

This is a short summary from the Ohio Revised Code:

2903.06 Aggravated vehicular homicide - vehicular homicide - vehicular manslaughter.

(A) No person, while operating or participating in the operation of a motor vehicle, motorcycle, snowmobile, locomotive, watercraft, or aircraft, shall cause the death of another or the unlawful termination of another's pregnancy in any of the following ways:

To read the whole article go to

by Anthony Castelli  Personal Injury Lawyer in Cincinnati 

directions to the Personal injury attorney in Cincinnati at  the Law Office of Anthony D. Castelli

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Cincinnati Attorney Highly Ranked by Thumbtack

Cincinnati Personal injury lawyer Anthony Castelli of the Law Office of Anthony D. Castelli has garnered another accolade. This time Thumbtack, the consumer vetting service recommendation provider, has listed Anthony Castelli as one of their top lawyers in the Cincinnati Ohio area for accident and injury claims.

They recently featured him prominently on their website. Thumbtack is a consumer matching service provider for professions from all walks of life. It offers consumers to talk with a range of lawyers and pick the one that is the best fit.

Anthony is pleased to be part of the Thumbtack program and answers all inquiries personally. He believes consumers, especially in the emotion charged personal injury arena, deserve an experienced attorney to fight for them with compassion and an attitude of do or die. Too many of the large firms pass you off to an assistant. 

Thursday, January 30, 2014

My Favorite Personal Injury Attorney Posts on Google

As a personal injury lawyer Google plus has allowed me to connect with personal injury attorneys from across the United States. Some of the men and women have become my friends . Some of us have joined to form the circle of legal trust . Here are some of my favorite lawyers and my favorite posts from them .

--------------------------------------------------------- So there you have four great personal injury posts from: Mathew Dollman Florida trial lawyer.. Jonathan Rosenfeld Chicago bodily injury attorney. William Hurst a lawyers' lawyer from Indiana . Michael Ehline the California personal harm law man . ------------------------------------ By Anthony Castelli practicing Ohio personal injury law and social security disability. For more information about me

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Represent Yourself in A Car Accident Beware Be a Victim Twice By Taking Less

The unrepresented segment in car accidents is a term coined by big liability insurance interests. In this article we will explore evidence of why in many claims you are going to likely end up with less.

Just google "Will hiring a lawyer get me more money" you will come up with the answer. Although there is no guarantee in serious cases a good personal injury lawyer that works up your insurance claim settlement likely will get you more money.

Why do you think the insurance claims adjustor will tell you not to get a lawyer. So they can pay you less. You don't get something significant for nothing. but you can make yourself a victim twice . Once when you were hurt by carelessness. and second when you acted as your own lawyer and took a lowball offer .

A personal injury lawyer gives you ammunition in your arsenal . It alllows your claim to be put in the best light. You have the option to file a lawsuit instead of taking the low ball offer.


by   Anthony Castelli Attorney
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