Monday, May 14, 2012

Cincinnat Car Bus Accident One Killed Many Injured

Cincinnati bus car crash
It was reported that a car rear ended another car then went left of center crashing into a metro bus. It was reported that Charnisha Hardy was killed in the car bus crash and was the driver of the car that rear ended  another car that was stopped in traffic as she was heading eastbound on North bend road.

Multiple people were injured.  Channel 19 reported the bus driver was seriously injured and hospitalized . Many lives will be forever changed and condolences to everyone injured or killed in this car bus accident.


It appears from the police reports that the person that was killed was at fault for violating the assured clear distance statute. When someone dies responsible for a car accident an estate should be opened at some point so the accident injury victims have a legal entity to bring their claims against. There are certain time limits that are applicable.

Also with multiple injuries the question is whether there is enough insurance to go around to compensate for the losses and damages. This brings into play the question of underinsured motorist coverage available to the people injured.

Another legal issue is that the bus driver has two claims. since they were working they can bring a workers compensation claim. In addition the bus driver can bring a claim against the deceased and the insurance coverage she had available.

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Sunday, May 13, 2012

4 Car Crash Shuts Down I-75

Cincinnati car crash I-75
A 4 car crash was reported on I-75.Traffiic was shut down but now has reopened. Very little is known about the crash at this time. reported that the crash occurred just past the Interstate  I-74 interchange at about 10PM. First responders said that one person was trapped in the car. Cincinnati police reported one of the cars flipped and landed on its top in the median. It took over an hour to partially reopen the interstate.

It is not known or reported how serious some of the injuries were. Nor is it stated how the accident happened. If you witnessed the car accident please call the Cincinnati police.


As Cincinnati has multiple major interstates including I-75, I-71, I-275 and I-74 there are often serious accidents that occur due to high speeds that people drive on the Interstate. It is in everyone's best interest if people drive the appropriate speed limit.

People seriously injured in car accidents often do not know how to proceed. Who should they talk to. Should they let the insurance company record them. Should I see a personal injury lawyer. These are often questions they need answers to. For more information you can go to Cincinnati car accident attorney

Unfortunately there are runners that pick up police reports and pass them on to chiropractors and lawyers. Many car accident victims end up with multiple letters from attorneys soliciting car accident injury cases as well as phone calls from services representing chiropractors.

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