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Fatal Motorcycle Crash Claims the Life of Donald Varner ll

Another Cincinnati motorcycle rider has been killed. His name is Donald Varner II . Another family will never be the same. And the early reports on the accident and death border on sketchy at best and again demonstrate bias against motorcyclists.

The inference I get from reading some of the articles is that the motorcyclist was at fault. Quite possibly nothing is be further from the truth. Look at the reporting that,  ..speed appears to be involved according to the police and the motorcyclist did not have a helmet. What does a helmet have to do with this? It did not cause the crash.

Give credit to Fox 19 that reported that the car turned into the path motorcycle.It left out the helmet garbage and the speed inference. The reporting of Local 12 was not so even handed:
Police say
Police said 40-year-old Donald Varner II was driving east, when he struck a car that was turning west onto Madison. Varner was thrown from his motorcycle. He was taken to University Hospital where he later died.

speed appears to be a factor in the crash. We are told Varner did not have on a helmet at the time of the crash. The driver of the car was not hurt.  

Wlwt reported it with the headline Bike hits car. And with the other negative details. But what I see as a motorcyclist  is the the car apparently turned in front of Donald Varner as he traveled east on Madison road. The car was intending to go west on Madison.

Although it does not say where the car was coming from, it would have crossed the east bound land . This is an apparent violation of the right of way of Donald Varner. The big defense pulled out of thre hat is that the motorcycle was speeding. I've heard it time and time again and view it with skepticism because I know how untrue it can be.

Below is a link from google maps to the 5200 block of Madison. But it could not be the correct point of the collision.

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Right of way has tremendous legal significance in the State of Ohio. The person who violates another's right away is guilty of negligence. And the police reconstruction can be faulty. This is a case that cries out for immediate view and preservation of the scene and the vehicles by someone on behalf of the deceased motorcyclist. A good accident reconstruction can often determine speed.

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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Minimizing Car Accident Damages by Choosing Safe Vehicles

Being in a car accident is a difficult experience even if it was only a minor fender bender. If, however, it was a more serious crash and some kind of injury or ailment was sustained, then a difficult time may lie ahead. Having a trusted auto accident lawyer by your side can be a huge help in getting through the process in addition to ensuring justice is done if the crash happened as a result of the negligent driving of someone else. Roads can be dangerous places and if your car was written off, you may be on the lookout for new vehicle, but which one should you choose when the market is so full of makes models?

 Safety is one factor which is not often enough taken into due consideration when selecting a new car. A UK claims specialist which helps people with car accident claims, My Compensation has put together a list of some of the safest cars in the US today to give readers examples of things to look out for. The information for the safest cars in the US has been taken from a combination of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTS) and the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS)

Some of the Safest New Vehicles on US Roads

Subcompact Ford Fiesta Ford?s new Fiesta ?subcompact? was the only car in its class to earn the IIHS top safety pick. Around 55% of the small auto?s body has been manufactured from an ultra-high-strength or regular high-strength Steel, including the pillars at the front impact zone. Recently, new standards were introduced for roof safety in autos and the Ford Fiesta passed with flying colors due to it's super-strong construction. Factors such as this save lives. In addition, the car also offers more airbags than any other car in the sector, a key injury-reducing bit of gear. Included are side-inflating airbags and a driver?s knee bag. Being in a car accident in this vehicle would go some way to reducing injuries.

  The Honda Civic One of the best-selling compact vehicles ever to hit the US market was the Honda Civic. The excellent Japanese engineering made for great value, solid reliability and trusted road safety. Honda?s patented Advanced Compatibility engineering system which is used manufacturing the vehicle saves injuries suffered from crashes involving pedestrians and occupants alike. The windscreen wipers and roof are manufactured in such a way so as to deform on impact, thus lessening chances of anyone sustaining personal injuries in the event of a crash. The small Japanese compact car is awash with safety features for the price.

  Four Injured in Accident

Subaru Forester In the SUV class, it's common for a vehicle to roll over due to a high center of gravity and this causes more death and personal injuries than other types of accidents. Subaru?s new Forester is one of the best in the class for safety, partially due to its lower center of gravity and the handling which is more representative of a regular car. While the Subaru may be more like a hybrid vehicle than a larger SUV, the four-wheel drive system does come standard and helps in dangerous weather conditions. Subaru also have a frame-reinforcing structure which they call a Ring-shaped Reinforcement Frame which is one of the reasons why very high safety scores were awarded from both the IIHS and NHTS.

  Hyundai Sonata Another entry from Japan is one by Sonata which is one of only two models last year to earn a five-star rating from the NHTS. The vehicle received great deal of critical acclaim for other factors in addition to the high safety score. Six injury-reducing and life-saving airbags are included as standard, amongst which are side-curtains in the front and rear of the vehicle. The brakes have ABS and a distribution mechanism which controls the brake force electronically. All of these features are standard, as is the stability control which is also electronic. The NHTS has reported that these features have resulted in some 35% less crashes and fatalities on the roads such is the level of safety they provide.

  Volvo XC60 Volvo has a long history of making extremely durable and safe vehicles and this one is no different. It's critically acclaimed for many aspects including its extensive list of safety features. It?s fitted with a laser system in order to detect traffic in front of the vehicle and the brakes are electronically-assisted in order to prevent shunts. The collision system also uses sensor data which kicks in whilst the vehicle is traveling a high speed and if any risk of collision is detected, the vehicle will automatically slow down to minimize chances of crashes. Four-wheel drive comes as standard, in addition to sensors which stop the vehicle rolling over. It also has blind-spot and lane departure warnings to finish the package.


We hope seeing some of the aspects of these vehicles has given you an idea of the kinds of things to look out for when choosing a new auto. These features save lives and reduce personal injuries in accidents which happen every day on our roads. Make safety more of a priority when choosing your next vehicle.

 Sources:    http://www.iihs.org/


This list by Jim Loxley, from the United Kingdom, and contributor to the Circle of Legal Trust, reminds us that safety and accident prevention is part of what bodily injury auto crash lawyers do. The Circle has invigorated me with legal and consumer contacts, not only from across the country, but from around the world. As a auto accident lawyer in  Cincinnati and member of the Circle there have been so many benefits the Circle has given me, such as a contact I can look to in the United Kingdom if one of my clients is injured there.

My thanks to Attorney Michael Ehline of the Ehline Law Firm PC for being the brainchild behind the Circle.

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