Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Semi-Truck Violates Traffic Control Causes Injury in Cincinnati

Early yesterday a semi tractor-trailer  operator violated a traffic control device and caused serious injury. The unusual truck accident actually occurred in downtown Cincinnati. The truck reportedly made an illegal left hand turn causing a crash with two other vehicles.

A truck driver from Florida, Richard Rutledge was driving his truck. He attempted to make a left hand turn onto Broadway from Third street . This caused a crash with a semi truck operated by Kingsley Ghari. That motor vehicle flipped over and caught fire. This vehicle then struck a third vehicle. the extent of the injuries were not reported.



Violation of a traffic statute is normally negligence. However the insurance company may try to argue that there was also fault on others. This is a common defense they use to attempt to reduce their fault. They as well as any trucking company needs to be called on it.

Trucking companies are known for delay and denial. Sometimes the best practice is  a lawsuit sooner than later. Especially if your injuries are well defined. This does not mean your case will go to trial, but it can serve to get the case favorably resolved.

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