Sunday, September 23, 2012

Cincinnati Car Accident One Dead Four Seriously Injured


 One person is dead and four others are critically hurt after a car crash early Sunday morning.

Authorities say James Walker,40, was driving his 1999 Pontiac Grand Am at a high rate of speed when he lost control on Reading Road, striking a utility pole.
This occurred in the early morning hours on Reading Road near 12th Street in Pendleton
Reading Road Cincinnati Car Wreck
Walker was trapped inside the vehicle and had to be freed by fire crews. He was taken to University Hospital where he later died. 

His passengers, Lakeisha Walker, Jeremy Johnson, Alfie Childers and Jumard Brooks were all seriously hurt in the crash. They were all taken to University Hospital. University Hospital is a class 1 trauma facility with some of the best doctors in the country.

Lakeisha Walker is listed in critical condition. The other three passengers are all in serious condition.
Police say speed and alcohol do appear to be factors in the crash. (Though the evidence on which this is bases was not stated in any of the news reports)
The Cincinnati Traffic Unit is investigating the cause of the crash and ask that anyone who may have witnessed the accident call (513) 352-2514.
Source: Scripps Media

Once again the lives of many will be changed forever. Condolences to everyone suffering these losses.


These simple facts have so much legal significance. Are the passengers able to recover compensation for their injuries. There are several factors. How much did they know about the driver's drinking. You can be partially at fault for driving with a drunk driver. Any percentage of your fault attributable to your injuries will reduce your recovery. 

Also where is the insurance. Multiple people were hurt. The driver likely did not have enough liability insurance to pay everyone's damages. So someone has to find underinsured motorist coverage in an auto policy of their own or a family member that may cover them. 

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Saturday, September 22, 2012

I Was Hurt in a Cincinnati Auto Wreck How Do I Calculate the Insurance Settlement

If you were one of the car accident personal injury cases I have blogged about you might be asking yourself, What is that claim worth. Or you may have your own bodily injury claim and are thinking, How do I calculate damages? Should I just take what the adjustor offers?

These questions and many others are asked frequently of a lawyer that represents people hurt by the fault or negligence of another. These answers are not taught in school. But with the advent of the internet you can educate yourself to a certain extent. But without the guidance of an experienced bodily injury claims lawyer that looks at these types of cases on a daily basis the best you can do is an educated guess.

You risk wanting too much and getting stonewalled until you give in. Or you take the low ball offer and you just became a victim twice. Once when you were injured and now having taken less than you deserve.
Although not a complete solution, I have a short video that provides a link to a free download on how damages are generally calculated . The solution you can take is three simple steps that cost you nothing.

But could result in a better money result for you.

Three Steps to Take Now For Improving Your Chance For a Maximum Personal Injury Settlement

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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Police Officer Motorcycle Rider Seriously Injured By Hit and Run Driver

An off duty police officer was seriously injured when he was struck by a motorist. Officer Bielak had pulled off onto the side of the road when he was struck by a fast moving motor vehicle
Bielak was taken to Metro Medical center in Cleveland. His leg was amputated below the knee. He was 46 years old in the prime of his life. Life will never be the same. His career is gone. However Officer Bielak was able to speak to the officials and Fox 8 news in Cleveland.

The police are looking for the coward that hit and ran. The offending car was thought to be a 1992 Buick LeSabre light biege. There was a witness that said the driver looked to me a 30ish year old male white. Bielak commented "that he was hit at high speed " and witnesses said he was thrown in the air. 

Please if you saw this or hear anything suspicious please call the Ohio Highway state patrol at 216-587-4305 . 

It's too bad that people compound one wrong with another. 

You can bet that drunk driving was involved. 

By Anthony Castelli Cincinnati Motor Vehicle Accident 

Attorney . Anthony has been helping injury victims recover 

financially for over 30 years. He can be reached at 513-

621-2345. An avid motorcyclist himself is praying for Bielak. 

Source: 19 News