Saturday, September 22, 2012

I Was Hurt in a Cincinnati Auto Wreck How Do I Calculate the Insurance Settlement

If you were one of the car accident personal injury cases I have blogged about you might be asking yourself, What is that claim worth. Or you may have your own bodily injury claim and are thinking, How do I calculate damages? Should I just take what the adjustor offers?

These questions and many others are asked frequently of a lawyer that represents people hurt by the fault or negligence of another. These answers are not taught in school. But with the advent of the internet you can educate yourself to a certain extent. But without the guidance of an experienced bodily injury claims lawyer that looks at these types of cases on a daily basis the best you can do is an educated guess.

You risk wanting too much and getting stonewalled until you give in. Or you take the low ball offer and you just became a victim twice. Once when you were injured and now having taken less than you deserve.
Although not a complete solution, I have a short video that provides a link to a free download on how damages are generally calculated . The solution you can take is three simple steps that cost you nothing.

But could result in a better money result for you.

Three Steps to Take Now For Improving Your Chance For a Maximum Personal Injury Settlement

1. Watch this video right now. Do not delay. Delay can damage your case and lessen the amount of money you get.

2. Download the Free personal injury settlement calculator

3.  Call me for a free legal consultation case evaluation at 513-621-2345

Step 2. Free Download

Step 3. Anthony Castelli Attorney Call 513-621-2345 For More information about injury claims