Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Another Cincinnati Motorcyclist Critically Hurt By Left of Center

A motorcycle rider was seriously injured in Walnut Hills on Monday June 4, 2012. It is reported a car went left of center striking the motorcyclist, Kyle McCann.
Mr McCann was driving a 1999 BMW motorcycle. He was traveling south on Victory Parkway. A car identified as a Chevy Malibu came into the motorcyclists path and lane crashing into him.
Mr McCann was rushed to University hospital. The accident occurred about 9 pm at William Howard Taft and Victory Parkway. The Cincinnati police are still investigating. If you witnessed this please call the Cincinnati police department at 352-2514 traffic investigations.
Our prayers from the motorcycle community go out to Mr McCann and his family.
It is critical for witnesses to step up in traffic accidents. Far too often the prejudice against motorcycle riders takes over.But motorcycles have as much right to the road as cars.
 The report on this was minimal. But this could have been a left of center case , a turn from the side into the motorcyclists lane . It's just not clear. Although apparently the motorcyclist was not at fault and the Chevy Malibu was.
As a public service.
          Please Watch For Motorcycles

by Anthony Castelli Attorney
8170 Corporate Park Drive
Cincinnati, Ohio 45242