Thursday, May 9, 2013

Clermont County Ohio Car Accidents and Defensive Driving

Clermot County Car Crash Stock photo
 Clermont County, Ohio just had two serious accidetts on the same day on the same road. One was a  head on collision. The other was a car leaving the road hitting a tree.

These car wrecks occured on Dela Palma Road in Williamsburg Ohio. A woman and a 7 month old child were in the first crash. All parties were taken to hospitals. Some were transported by helicopter to University Hospital.

University of Cincinnati Hospital is known for its trauma team. this is a great asset to the community. The helicopter was able to transport the injured from the first auto wreck. But in the second motor vehicle crash the care flight was grounded because of the weather.

WCPO news was on the spot to report this one Though only sketchy details were available. Thank goodness there was no loss of life. In some case defensive driving may have helped. Although it certainly does not excuse the person to blame. However in a left of cneter collision there is not much the driver can do  that is facing down a motor vehivle coming at you goingthe wrong way.

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The map below shows the location of the car accidents.

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