Saturday, January 7, 2012

Should Your Personal Injury Lawyer be Your Former Divorce Lawyer

Should Your Personal Injury Attorney Be Your Former Divorce Lawyer

Recently a potential client called me and said that their relative had referred them to their divorce lawyer for their car accident personal injury claim. They were uncomfortable with going to a  lawyer that did not focus on personal injury law.

Another relative  had found my web site Law Office of Anthony D. Castelli Accident and Injury Law. They  had researched me by reviewing me web site for reviews, testimonials, articles I had written and videos and blog posts on personal injury law, especially in the area of car accident injury law.  After doing so they recommended me to the potential client. 

Both of these ways to find a lawyer are used by the public.What many do not understand are that all lawyers are not created equal. Some have great experience in an area of law and very little or no experience in another. 

If you are a personal injury victim you should consider hiring a lawyer experienced in personal injury. 
Someone with actual trial experience in representing personal injury insurance settlement claims. In fact, download my book Attorney Advertising Revealed to find a system on how to get through the hype and hire a great personal injury lawyer.

Unless you want to be a guinea pig for a domestic lawyer that has little or no experience with personal injury I would not recommend you hire a lawyer not experienced in personal injury law. That does not mean to say it's a bad idea to ask a lawyer you know who they would recommend. In fact my personal injury clients know that I limit myself to just a few areas of the law. (personal injury, workers compensation and social security disability.)

But they will call and ask if I know an attorney that practices in an area they have a particular problem. Depending on the case I may give them a specific name or several names and let them do their research. 

I also accept referrals from other lawyers. The client may trust a lawyer from a prior case non personal injury claim and wants the lawyer to be involved , but the lawyer wants the client to have someone focused in the area of personal injury car accident law. Ohio law allows lawyers to enter into co-counsel relationships where one lawyer does most of the work , but the other lawyer remains available for consultation. This allows the client to have an initial comfort level and allows both lawyers to be compensated. The client is charged the same fee, but the lawyers split it on an agreed percentage. 

If you have any questions about Ohio personal injury law I welcome you to call for a free consultation 513-621-2345 to speak with me personally.