Saturday, January 7, 2012

How Fast Can You Settle My Cincinnati Personal Injury Claim

  How Fast Can You Settle My Cincinnati Personal Injury Claim

As a personal injury lawyer for over 30 years I cringe when I see advertisements by lawyers that say," I can settle your claim fast." This to me smacks of a settlement mill and is synonymous with just running your injury claim thru the system as quickly as possible. 

The lawyer might make a fast buck, but it's doubtful whether you will have gotten full value for your claim. Remember once you settle your personal injury insurance claim and sign a release that's the end of your case. 
I strive to settle your case for as much money as possible and to do that as quickly as possible. But the "as quickly as possible " part varies with the injury, the insurance limits and multiple other factors.

I recently settled a case in three months for $50,000. This was the total insurance available and the neck injury was worth much more than the policy limits. I immediately ordered the hospital record and the bill from the very first hospital admission. My investigation and the police investigation confirmed the potential defendant was clearly responsible. And there were no other assets to make a recovery from. Armed with this information that I furnished to the insurance company I was a able to convince them to pay their policy limit.

However every case is different. If the insurance coverage was $250,000 the I would have waited until my client reached maximum medical improvement ( was as healed as they were going to get) and their doctor could tell me what the future held for my client within a reasonable probability. If an injury leaves permanent residuals such as pain, and the inability to do things they could do  before, then as a  accident injury lawyer I push for a larger settlement given the nature and extent of the injury and the insurance money available. 

A client should ask how long will this case take to resolve. The best answer I can give is when we know the full nature of your injury both past , present and future based upon medical records and your doctor's report or when you injuries and damages clearly exceed the policy limits available. In Ohio generally a negligence personal injury claim must me settled or suit filed within two years.

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