Sunday, January 8, 2012

Cincinnati Injury Lawyer Uses Video To Educate

Press Release: Cincinnati, Ohio 

Cincinnati Lawyer Announces the Use of Video To Educate Personal Injury Accident Victims

As a Cincinnati personal injury lawyer I try to keep up with the fast moving tools to help personal injury victims learn about their rights. And also to help them learn the steps in choosing the best lawyer for their case.

I've used blogs, my web site, books and video among other things. Some people like to read articles and books other like to watch and listen to videos. I have a you tube channel where all of my videos are uploaded. Law Office of Anthony D. Castelli is the name of my channel.

Cincinnati Car Accident Injury Lawyer Anthony Castelli Gives His Unique View On How to Treat Injury Victims


I also offer an introductory video on my web page and ask potential clients to click on it if they want to see what my clients mean to me. On you tube it's titled Cincinnati car accident injury lawyer message to accident injury victims. That link will take you to a page that has a video that discusses the most important question to ask a personal injury lawyer before you hire them.

Recently I was interviewed in a magazine about the use of video. Gerry Oginski injury lawyer who also has an attorney video business were interviewed. It was nice to be included in the same article with someone as knowledgeable as Mr Oginski. In fact, I remember when Gerry was starting out and I gave one of the very first  testimonials about his work.   Although I agree with Gerry that video is very important, in my opinion it's not going to magically cause a personal injury lawyer or any lawyer to have hundreds of new clients.

Also my good friend Kraig Haplea owner of  Visual Justice was also interviewed. Kraig not only does marketing videos but is helpful in doing day in the life videos as well as accident scene videos. A day in the life video  is where a personal injury victim's life is depicted.

So video is extememely useful in trying to educate personal injury victims and also give potential clients information about yourself. This info about the lawyer comes more in what he conveys and how he conveys it. Personally I'm looking for someone with warmth, passion, and compassion and the ability to express themselves. This all goes back to the qualities your personal injury lawyer should have.