Sunday, January 8, 2012

Can I Get Punitive Damages For My Cincinnati Car Accident Injury

Can I get punitive damages for my car accident injury is a question I sometimes get. Ordinarily you can not get punitive damages. It's said that in order to get punitive damages for a personal injury car accident case the conduct must be malicious.

Malicious conduct has several different definitions.  It's conduct that is worse than simple neglignece. Malice can be defined as " a conscious disregard for the rights and safety of other persons that has a great probability of causing substantial harm .

Driving drunk is conduct where punitive damages can be awarded. These damages are to punish the defendant. This is distinguished from compensatory damages which compensate the injured person for their loss.

If there is evidence of texting this could be a fertile ground to allege punitive damages. Recently an appellate court case in Ohio held that when a driver was driving a semi with known bad brakes on the trailer and did not feel qualified to operate the tractor  trailer

In Ohio you can not insure for punitive damages. And normally they are not dischargeable in bakruptcy. So if they are awarded against someone with no money it may be hard to collect, but you can chase them around forever. But it's always worth it to put them in play if you can.

One reason is that the insurance company for the at fault driver has a duty to their client to resolve the compensatory claim and get the whole case resolved so their insured does not have to pay punitive damages. This can have the effect of driving the money the insurance company will pay on the compensatory damages higher.

If you have a question about what you are entitled for a car accident injury as a Cincinnati personal injury lawyer I welcome your call for a free consultation  or click on the high lighted link to go to my personal injury attorney web site. I have won and collected a jury trial judgement for punitive damages . But I'll leave that story for another article.

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