Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Is Your Cincinnati Personal Injury Lawyer BBB Accredited

As a personal injury lawyer trying to make a connection with potential clients I try to use educational based marketing. That is explaining a problem a accident injury victim might have and posing potential solutions. 

Or informing the public about some aspect of Ohio personal injury law. What I hope to do is inspire some trust in a potential client so they get to know , like and trust me. It finally dawned on me that one of the ways to demonstrate trustworthiness is to apply for the  Better Business Bureau accreditation.

Anthony Castelli Attorney Receives Accreditation 


Better Business Bureau

Anthony Castelli Attorney Cincinnati personal injury lawyer located at 8170 Corporate Park Drive , announced today that it has met standards required by Better Business Bureau for accreditation with the organization.

Anthony Castelli  Attorney really wants potential customers to feel comfortable when choosing him. BBB seal will help customers understand who he is e and the core values he believes in.
BBB Accreditation means Anthony Castelli adheres to very high ethical standards. People know they can trust a company that has made the commitment to live up to the

                                                   BBB Code of Business Practices:

Build Trust,  Advertise Honestly,  Tell the Truth,  Be Transparent,  Honor Promises,  Be Responsive,  Safeguard Privacy,  Embody Integrity.

Being affiliated with BBB shows Anthony Castelli is one of a select group of businesses in our community that not only supports BBB’s services but also subscribes to the idea that ethical business is good business and that you “deliver trust” by treating the public in a fair and honest manner.

You can click here to go to my better business bureau profile with accreditation and A+ rating for Anthony Castelli Attorney.
Anthony Castelli Attorney BBB review

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