Sunday, January 15, 2012

Wrongful Death What is a Life Worth by Anthony Castelli Injury Lawyer|

Wrongful Death What is a Life Worth 02/25 by anthonycastelli | Blog Talk Radio

This podcast will help you understand how damages should be awarded in the State of Ohio for a wrongful death, the wrongful taking of a life by being careless. The focus is the loss to the family members, the parents, children and spouses who have tragically and prematurely had a family member killed.

As a Cincinnati personal injury lawyer I have helped families that have lost a family member through negligence of another. Many jurors do not understand why it is important that a large amount of damages be awarded for the loss family members suffer. Some feel that money will not bring them back so why award damages.

Why then should we award millions of dollars when an object of art , or an airplane is destroyed through ones fault. How much more valuable is a life. We execute people for murdering others. That's how much we value life. So why not give value to life when it's taken negligently.

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