Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Why is an Injury Lawyer Like Robin Hood

As a Injury lawyer it's appealing to thing of oneself as Robin Hood. Robbing from the rich, big insurance companies like Allstate, State Farm, Geico and the other usual suspects and giving to the poor my clients.

Contrary to the spin put out there by the insurance companies and the chambers of commerce there is no lawsuit lottery out there. And frivolous lawsuits are negligible. Why is this . Because the American juries are not dumb as portrayed by big insurance. In fact they believe that the injured party must prove their case. Ties go to the defendant.

Every good trial lawyer spends significant time picking the juries because the indoctrination process done by the chamber and big insurance has led many people to agree that there are frivolous lawsuits and lawsuit lottery seekers. But attorneys know that a case with any holes in it will get thrown back in you face. This is because there is a rigid application of the burden of proof and the prejudgement many jurors bring that the injury lawyer and their client are seeking something for nothing.

But it takes hard work, preparation , and money to take a injury lawsuit to a jury. It can be very rewarding in the right case. But in the wrong case it can be a big disappointment . After many hours of blood , sweat and tears a negative verdict is like loosing the Super Bowl. believe me I've been there. Those were cases that it was a she said he said toss up. I learned as a young lawyer that the sheer force of my oratory was not going to change the face that jurors honored this burden of proof. As a young lawyer honing my trial skills I saw this as a public defender , beating the prosecution in apparent lock guilty verdicts. Again because the jury followed the law and the burden of proof.

So lets start opening the eyes of the public. Juries are good and no one is getting something for nothing. So if you get an opportunity to be a juror and the Cincinnati injury lawyer proves their clients case , step up to the plate and award them full damages. After all there's probably plenty of insurance. The law just does not permit
you to be told about it.

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