Thursday, March 22, 2012

Succesful Settlement of Your Car Accident injury Case in Cincinnati

As a Cincinnati car accident attorney for 30 years there are certain things you can do to promote a succesfull settlement of your car accident injury case. Many people look for the holy grail, that personal injury car accident pain and injury settlement calculator.

There is no such thing as a magic formula. So sorry is that's what you came here looking for. But of you want some solid advice about how to value your case read on.

First lets make the assumption that the person that hurt you is 100% at fault. This is a determination that you may be able to get the insurance company to concede in a simple case. But in a more complex case your lawyer may have  to work very hard to get that fact to be accepted . If there is a possibility of loosing the liability or responsibility in your case then do not expect to get full value.

The next things is you must know all the damages you are entitled to and bring forth facts that clearly support those damages. Some of the many factors that come into play are:

  1. how severe was your injury

  2. How lon did your injury last

  3. Is your injury permanent

  4. Do your doctors clearly document your injury in your records.

   5. Have your doctors written clear cand compelling reports about your injury and connecting it to the event causing you harm such as a car accident

   6. Did you loose time from work

   7. How buch are your medical bills and how much did your medical providers accept as full payment

    8.  Are you sincere and believable

    9 Does it appear that you tried to get better

     10 Do you have anything that would affect your credibilty such as a criminal record.

     11. Do you have a top rated personal injury lawyer with a reputation for going to trial if necessary or does your lawyer settle everything so the insurance knows they are not much more of a threat than you would be by yourself

    12. have you made critical mistakes that hurt the value of your case because yo had no guidance or knowledge what steps to take to get a fair settlement.

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