Sunday, April 1, 2012

Cincinnati Car Accident Most frequently Asked Questions

What car accident law questions are most frequently asked. I consulted Avvo to find out. Here are some questions that you may be looking for the answer to if you have a personal injury insurance settlement claim. Contact a cincinnati personal injury lawyer to get your question answered.

How is it possible to know the value of my personal injury auto accident settlement?

How is it possible for an attorney to undervalue a personal injury case?

Do I need a lawyer for car accident ?

Do I need to hire a lawyer? What should be the final claim settlement $ amount?

Below is  the underlying fact pattern the question related to,

Hello, I was in a car accident in June 2010. The other person ran a stop sign and hit me on the left front. It was not my fault - Police report says the same. My co-passenger was hurt and her left thumb was fractured. She underwent a surgery and was immobilized for 6 weeks. Currently she is undergoing Physical therapy sessions. She was on a vacation to US and 40-50% of her vacation time is lost in this incident. My vehicle was totalled and I did received the amount. My insurance company is reimbursing the medical bills which I had to pay out of pocket - but it is being paid from my coverage. I have been told that I have the pay all the medical expenses after the final settlement. Is this normal? Should I hire a lawyer? What should be the final settlement amount?

Do I need a Lawyer? What is the average Settlement amount in my kind of case?

For anwers to your car accident injury questions just ask a lawyer with 30 years experience knowledgeable about Ohio personal injury settlement amounts and car accident settlement value.

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