Wednesday, April 4, 2012

West Union Car Crash With Injuries Needs Witnesses

State route 32 car accident crash
A West Union Ohio woman, Regina Baldwin,  was injured in a car crash. Also injured were Jason Rogers, Christie Day and Katlyn Baker.

Preliminary investigation by the Ohio state highway patrol revealed Regina Baldwin was driving southbound on Moore's road. Jason Rogers was driving westbound on state route 32. The cars crashed at the intersection.

The  link below is from Google maps pinpointing the accident scene.

It appears from the photo and the google maps that Moores road is a stop sign controlled street. If this is the case then the driver coming from Moores road crossing Ohio  State Route 32 has a duty to stop and not enter the intesection until it can be done with safety.  There are multiple factors such as speed that can come into play. A determination of responsibility is never simple. As an investigation aide, google maps has been accepted as reliable and is a good investigatory tool for law enforcement and accident reconstructionists.

It is also accepted practice for a computerized Total station to document the scene so the roadway and the evidence at the scene can be recreated . As a Cincinnati car accident lawyer I have seen the total station in use and at times had to actually subpoena the evidence from the highway patrol. Although many of these cops are dilligent, their training in nothing compared to an engineer in the field.

The investigation appears ongoing. If you witnessed this accident please call the Brown County Georgetown highway patrol post at 937-378-69191 .

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