Saturday, April 7, 2012

Chris Smith Killed Wrongful Death by Hit and Run Driver Call Police

Chris Smith
Another reckless Hit and Run Driver has caused an auto accident the killed professional MMA fighter Chris Smith. Early reports from police are that a grey silver motor vehicle attempted to make an illegal pass which caused an oncoming car to swerve left of center of the highway and hit Smith's car in a full frontal crash.

Chris Smith was just starting out his career as an ultimate fighter but his life was cut short by this alleged hit and run driver. Dominique Steele was taken to University Hospital with serious injury, although reportedly not life threatening. There is a search on for the driver that fled the scene.

 Joshua Bach was reported to be the driver of the car that was forced left of center by the hit and run vehicle. He was taken to the hospital for his injuries.

From what can be pieced together from the early reports it appears that the Smith vehicle would have been traveling behind and in the same direction as the "hit and run" car. They had been traveling eastbound. The car crash happened on State Route 73. The car crash and wrongful death happened Thursday April 5th around 6 PM.

The Ohio State Highway Patrol is asking for help. If you have any information please call the Portsmouth Post at 740-353-2888. If the wrongdoer happpens to read this article, you should turn yourself in. What has happened is grave and will change Cris Smith's family forever. However the first step in the healing and forgivenes would be for you to turn yourself in.

Hit and run car accidents are often difficult to solve. All resources should be marshalled such as your insurance company, private invetigators, accident reconstructionists, as well as the police. Compensation for the loss and justice for the injured and killed often need the public to step up even though they may not want to be involved.

By Anthony Castelli Attorney as a public service.