Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Car Accident on I-71 in Warren County, Ohio Causes Multiple Injuries

Car truck accident I-71
On I-71 near Lebanon, Ohio there was an early morning multiple motor vehicle collision that caused serious injuries. Five vehicles were involved. Police authorities say Mark King was operating a tractor-trailer semi. He was going north on Interstate 71. The truck driver rear ended a pick up truck driven by Larry Davidson.

That impact shot the pick up forward into a rear end collision with a car driven by Denna Hazeley. That vehicle was pushed into a truck driven by Bill Carroll. That truck then rear ended a car driven by Brian Paul of Batavia.

This car truck collision occurred near mile marker 34 at the Jeremiah Morrow Bridge. This car truck multiple vehicle crash caused multiple severe injuries. Sharon Patterson, a front seat passenger in the auto driven by Denna Hazeley, was care flighted to Miami valley Hospital. A two year old,  also a passenger with them, was care flighted to  Cincinnati Children's hospital.

The Ohio Highway State patrol is investigating the car truck collision. If you know anything about the collision please call the Ohio State Highway Patrol  at 1-877-772-8756 .


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From the description of the car truck crash it sounds as if the semi-tuck driver violated the assured clear distance statute. A violation occurs when a motor vehicle driver strikes a vehicle in front of him, in the same lane of travel, that is visible. R.C. 4511.21 The defense is that it was impossible to comply with the statute. That is why the other vehicles should not be at fault. However multiple vehicle collisions can be fraught with legal and factual issues.Right now I'm involved with a 16 car pileup. 

You can only hope that the police document the scene with a Total Station and take clear photographs. I've seen some great investigative reports and some inadequate ones. Also in the case of a tractor trailer, there can be other issues such as sleep deprived driving as well as insurance coverage issues.  With  multiple vehicles, it is a good idea to check your own insurance policy for sources of compensation.

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