Saturday, July 28, 2012

Cincinnati Injury Lawyer On Fatal Crash Man Baby Killed

Car Crash Butler County
A fatal car crash in Butler County, Ohio killed two people . One was 24 year old Mathew Hale and another death was an 11 month old. This happened this past Thursday, July 26, 2012.

Sheriff deputies from Butler County are investigating the auto and pick up truck crash. The police state that
Kathleen York was driving a Chevy Malibu on Keister Road and failed to stop at a stop sign before entering Ohio 4.  She struck the pick up truck driven by Robert Broshear that was traveling south on route 4.

Mathew Hale and a 11 month old , passengers in the York vehicle were killed. There was also a 2 year old injured as well as both drivers.

If you happened to have witnessed the accident please make sure the Butler County Sherriff's office is notified.


Fatal car crashes are so emotional and so life altering. Multiple families will never be the same. Apart from the legal issues , both criminal and civil, the emotional toll on the survivors and next of kin of those killed
can lead to severe emotional illness. Traumatic loss experts can help people put their life back together in time so at least they can function . But life will still never be the same again.

Police say that there have been other crashes at this intersection. The stop signs appear to sit back from the intersection. But it is not known why Kathleen York failed to yield the right away. Although they say she failed to stop, whether the car stopped or not does not change the legal implications.

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